Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I make a reservation?

Please fill the booking form on the specific trip page, or you can write to us on

Are flights included in the trip price?

Flights to and from the start/end destinations are NOT included. Since the travellers join us from multiple cities, we have kept the wings of the traveller free of how and from where they would like to take their flights. However, you can contact us on with the trip you are interested in and the city of your residence. We can suggest the best flights accordingly.

I am planning to travel solo, will the trip be worth-while for me?

The whole point of ‘I must be there’ trips is to make solo travellers feel comfortable and sociable. While on trip, you will find yourself coming out of the closet and meeting like-minded people, you could not have met otherwise. This world is all about exploring new countries and people and so do we follow it right from the start. Your safety will be our first priority throughout, so feel free! There will at every point a trip manager in your sight to keep your trip hassle-free!

Are your trips guaranteed to occur?

‘I must be there’ trips are always guaranteed to happen on the trip dates. We value the other arrangements and time you free in order to travel with us, hence we don’t do cancellations. Since we promise you safety before adventure, we do reserve the right to cancel trips in case of unsafe conditions/circumstances in any destination. In such circumstances, ‘I must be there’ will take you through the necessary procedures.

What is the payment structure?

For booking your fun-spot on our trip, you need to pay an initial booking amount. Payment can be done via credit card, debit card, online transfer, cheque or a bank deposit.

The second half of partial payment needs to be made as per the dates communicated through the trip-joining mail we send to you.

How many people are in the trip?

All our trips are strictly limited to the maximum number of travellers listed on the trip page. While it may vary, we keep in mind that the trip is less a ‘crowd’ and more a ‘bunch’. We suggest you to book a spot in the trip as soon as possible, to avoid last moment disheartening of a full-house.

What is the Age Group, ‘I must be there’ trips cater to?

Our group trips are youth-centric and exclusive to only people between 18 to 35 years of age. Travellers need to fit in the stated age criteria. Documentation of age proofs will be scrutinized well in advance, in order to pass through the eligibility for the tours. We strictly abide by the age criteria; it is our ‘Mantra’ and no exceptions will be entertained.

We feel that youth-centric tours can contribute as much as to the countries, as much as to their own memoirs. The visit to destination countries become a whole lot fun when people of the same wave-length and desires are travelling together. Plus, it is always great when people make friends and keep in touch post-travel as well. Isn’t that a story to tell?

What's included in the total cost of the trip?

Everything listed on the trip’s itinerary under 'inclusions' section. Our trips usually include accommodation throughout the trip length, local transportation as per the itinerary, meals as listed, activities as listed, sightseeing and admission fees plus much more. More so, you also get an awesome squad of other travellers and a travel buddy from our team to ensure the trip is a smooth experience.